Transport in Martinique


The main taxi ranks are located at the airport in Fort-de-France and at the foot of some hotels. But beware, the price quickly rises and some trips can cost you dear.


Co-Taxis (Taxi-Communaux) are a very popular means of transport in Martinique. They are private minibuses that daily connect the main towns of the island. They run from early morning until 18h in general. You can prendres the way: simply make a sign to the driver and stops are on demand. However they leave their point of departure that are full. Warning: There is no timetable. Remember during your excursions, to ask the driver if a return shuttle will be available.

Auto Stop

Hitchhiking is a practice widely used in Martinique. This means rather enjoyed. Note: In Martinique, it does not tend thumb, but raises his arm or index to attract the attention of a driver. This pleasant way of this move can meet people. But this obviously involves the risks of the auto stop The Holiday

The martimes shuttles

Maritime shuttles make the connection between Fort-de-France and Three islets (Bourg, Pointe tip, Anse Mitan, Anse à l'Ane) and Fort-de-France and St-Pierre. This allows very enjoyable transportation to avoid traffic jams.

The Holiday

The rental companies in Martinique nombeuses and are located throughout the island. The driver's license from your home country is enough to rent a car, however, you must be aged 21 and over. You can rent cars of all categories, convertibles, 4x4, etc ..